Hire A Kansas City DUI Lawyer
10.05.2016 19:47

Don’t Lose What You’ve Worked For: Hire A Kansas City DUI Lawyer

Getting a DUI in Missouri is no small thing. So much will change following a conviction. Suspended licenses, jail time and outrageous fines are just a few examples of what you may face. It depends on your case. Besides dealing with legal problems, there is also the social aspect of DUI convictions. Getting a Kansas City DUI lawyer to fight in your corner is essential if you want some semblance of the life you led before getting pulled over.

DUI convictions usually start with getting pulled over, and the manner in which that stop was conducted can change everything. DUI checkpoints are often set up around holidays to catch people driving under the influence. But these are not always considered legal, which can be argued in court. Sometimes police officers don’t follow the exact protocol, which can lead to lesser charges or even having your charges dropped altogether. Your attorney may even argue if you weren’t read your Miranda Rights or given implied consent warnings. These issues may seem small, but they can turn the tide on your case.

A field sobriety test is perhaps one of the most controversial aspects of DUI cases. The classic image that many people have of having to place your fingertips on your nose and walk in a straight line are far from being conclusive. A lot can go wrong when an officer chooses to administer a test like this, leading to charges being wrongly filed and leaving your life in ruin afterwards. A Kansas City DUI attorneys understands how subjective tests like this can be battled in a court of law, and can help ensure that you don’t get wrongly punished for a field sobriety test gone wrong.

Even BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) tests and breathalyzers are not always reliable. Often, blood alcohol levels do not accurately show your intoxication at the time you were pulled over, depending on when you had your last drink, how much food you ate, and when you started driving. A lot can go wrong in the administration of these tests. That means that you might not have actually been impaired, but the levels on a test can land you in trouble as if you were.

So many people give up the fight in their DUI case before it even starts. That is a serious mistake. A DUI charge can make you feel like the whole world is against you, strip you of your ability to progress past that point in your life, and leave you with a lousy social stigma. This website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drunk_driving_in_the_United_States has a lot of good material on this too. Kansas City DUI lawyers know how to tackle a case like yours. You don’t have to accept whatever you were charged with. A DUI attorney will examine the manner of your stop, the motive of the officers, and the accuracy of the tests given to help you get a great outcome.


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